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To perfectly balance every aspect of your digital marketing mix, you need the best possible analytics. Everyone knows what can be measured—what you need is a trusted advisor to help determine what you should be tracking for your exact business case.

With so much data available, you need to know how to identify relevant performance metrics and leverage those insights to make smart business decisions for your bottom line.

My role is to identify the relevant digital metrics and configure the available tools (such as Google Analytics) so you can easily access the data you need to make better business decisions.

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Why work with me?

  • Over 10 years of experience in web analytics

  • Google Analytics Certified Partner

  • Experienced with major corporations and small and medium businesses

  • Proven record of driving substantial sales increases for clients

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Linkedin recommendation : “J’ai eu l’immense plaisir de travailler avec Nicola à travers plusieurs projets stratégiques pour des clients très exigeants. Doté d’un insatiable désir d’apprendre, il a développé un ensemble d’expertises lui permettant de planifier, d’orchestrer et d’optimiser rapidement en fonction des résultats attendus. Enfin, son leadership « par l’exemple » et rassembleur permet de favoriser l’atteinte des objectifs dans le plaisir.”

Stéphane Dumont, Revolver 3

Some of my work

In 10 years as a digital marketing professional, I’ve helped multiple companies embrace digital to drive sales.

Leverage digital marketing to reach your business goals

I help clients leverage the power of digital to grow revenue while enhancing operational efficiency.

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